Minimum requirements – Ball python

In InchesWidthDepthHeight
Young snake (Up to 40 inches)241812
Adult (Up to 50 inches)481818

Some suitable terrariums for ball pythons

Terrarium for a young snake.

Terrarium for a young snake. (Bigger)

Terrarium for a fully grown snake.

Terrarium for a fully grown snake. (Bigger.)

All recommended terrarium-sizes come from the Swedish agriculture authority (Jordbruksverket in Swedish). Many countries around the world, US for example, don’t have any regulations from authorities about minimal livingspace for reptiles.
Instead it’s breeders and organisations that set the standard. That’s not bad at all but since there are exact measuerements in Sweden, and Sweden is regarded to be a country with high standards on animal wellfare I thought it would be a good idea to spread the knowlege from Sweden to the reptile community around the world.
That’s the primary reason for why this site exists.But terrarium-sizes is’t all. The animals must be cared for in a good manner. Thats why we also give you some links to sites that we recommend for more information.