Swedish Reptile Room – the story behind the recommendations

Our goal: Spread the Swedish word about the right sized terrariums

We are a Swedish family with great interest in reptiles in many different ways.

We like to be in nature and look for them. After all, it’s in the wild they live best. But we are also like to have them at home in the best possible way. That’s why we like to build and decorate terrariums. We also breed reptiles, mainly day geckos and leopard geckos.

You can follow the life in our reptile room and see videos and pictures from our trips on different social media and platforms:

This site is made to help people to choose the right size for their reptile cages, tanks, terrariums, and vivariums. We take our recommendations from the Swedish agriculture authority (Jordbruksverket in Swedish) and have translated them to inches and converted the requirements into an existing terrarium that is possible to buy.

Many countries around the world, the US for example, don’t have any regulations from authorities about minimal living space for reptiles.

Instead, it’s breeders and organizations that set the standard.

That’s not bad but since there is an exact measurement in Sweden, and Sweden is regarded to be a country with high standards on animal welfare we thought it would be a good idea to spread the knowledge from Sweden to the reptile community around the world.

That’s the primary reason why this site exists.

But terrarium-sizes isn’t all. The animals must be cared for in a good manner. That’s why we also give you some links to sites that we recommend for more information on different reptiles.

Do you have a species you think we should add to our tables, please contact us and we’ll do our best to include them as soon as possible!

The links to the terrariums on this site go to amazon.com where you can buy the right size tank for your snake or lizard. For you, the prize is the same as if you found the terrarium yourself at amazon but if you buy after clicking one of our links, we get a small amount as the middle man. If you do, you help us develop this site and add more and more animals to the lists. We appreciate all the support we can get.