The plan here is to transform a really big aquarium to a paludarium, a terrarium with both a landsection and a watersection.

When it´s done the small fire-bellied frog is going to live here and if it´s turning our good the frog will be accompanied by more frogs.

But its a long way to that. First, we have to establish a landpart. That’s done with netbags filled with clay pebbles on top of plastic pots. That lets the water go under the land and we can have more water than is actually seen, which easier will hold the water clean.

We will rapport how the work progress here.

Just now we are waiting for a pump to arrive. We bought it from a Swedish supplier for pondtstuff, A good place to buy things also for smaller projects, as a paludarium.

For inspiration we found among other videos these down below:

We´ll be back with more soon!

Here´s a link to part two.

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