10 top Reptile Zoos in the US I want to visit

Snakes and lizards are best seen in the wild. That’s a fact. But when you can’t do that? You don’t know where to find them and don’t know if you can handle a real meeting with a poisonous snake?

Take the second-best – see the reptiles at a Zoo near you.
I have listed 10 Zoos and other places where you can come up close with these fascinating animals.

Is it a good list? What do you think? I would like to go to them all sometimes but maybe I have more places to visit?

Comment below and I’ll add your favorite Zoo to the map!

/Peter from the Swedish Reptile Room

10. Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo has been portrayed at the Animal Planet on TV and situated in the Big Apple, New York, it’s accessible for many people.

And they have reptiles. From Cuban crocs via green tree monitors to poison dart frogs. Among many others.


9. Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical garden

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical garden in the heart of Cincinnati has a circular Reptile House made of stone with a lot of different snakes, lizards, and amphibians in big enclosures and terrariums.

The Zoo is the second oldest Zoo in the United States and opened it’s doors to the public 1875.


8. The Reptile Zoo in Fountain Valley

The Reptile Zoo in Fountain Valley is the pet store that became a Reptile Zoo. Today they display over a hundred different species, reptiles, and amphibians. It also possible, if you dare, to come closer to touch and interact with these fantastic animals.

As seen at the Zoos mighty popular Youtube-channel they have some really big snakes as well. If you are into this with reptiles you probably have seen the founder Jay Brewer, handling snakes much bigger than himself on the channel.

This looks like a fantastic place to come close to reptiles from all over the world.



7. Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami has been voted among the top ten Zoos in the US several times by different papers, organizations, and others.

It’s the only Zoo in the United States of America located in a subtropical climate.

When it comes to reptiles and amphibians it’s obvious that the Zoo is situated near the Everglades. There are on display; crocodiles, alligators, all five of Florida’s native venomous snakes, turtles and lizards. Many of the animals you can find in a special part of the Zoo called “Florida: Mission Everglades”.


6. Fort Worth Zoo

USA Today ranked this Zoo the fourth-best in the country. For the reptile enthusiast, there is plenty to discover at the Fort Worth Zoo.

Over 5000 reptiles, amphibians, and more share the 30 000 square feet big herpetarium, a building called MOLA (Museum of Living Art).

Here can you meet North America’s largest saltwater crocodile, over 15 feet long, and an equally long Burmese python, toads, lizards, komodo dragons, and many other animals.


5. Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

At this Zoo, they have the biggest indoor desert in the world and the biggest indoor rainforest in the hole of North America.

For the reptile lover, there is plenty to see during a day here.

In the desert Dome, you can encounter the world’s largest exhibit of rattlesnakes. And there’s more. In a special sunroom newly hatched and juvenile reptiles and amphibians can be seen as they basking in the sun.


4. Reptile Gardens

Reptile Gardens holds the Guinness World record of the Zoo with the most species of reptiles in one place, in the World.

You can see over 225 different reptiles at the Mezzanine-level in the three stories SkyDome that oversees the neighborhood of Reptile Gardens.

One of the parks more distinguished inhabitants is Maniac, a 16 feet 2 inches long, male saltwater crocodile from Australia. In 2020 he will celebrate his 50:th birthday.


3. The Reptile Zoo

This establishment is founded by Scott Petersen, for someone also known as the Reptile man.

Here can you find reptiles from all over the world and Scott Petersen has been shown his many snakes and reptiles to students from different schools for over two decades in his quest to learn people about these fantastic animals.

The collection of reptiles is the biggest one in the Pacific Northwest. Here you can see turtles, alligators, lizards and many types of snakes.


2. Saint Louis Zoo

The Saint Louis Zoo Herpetaruim houses around 700 animals. In this old beautiful building, erected in 1927, they have Snakes, lizards, frogs, and other amphibians.

The Zoo also has one of the most comprehensive websites I have ever seen for a Zoo. In-depth information about the animals, the park, and the Zoos different conservations-plans are just a scratch on the surface on this very good website.


1. The Reptarium

At the top of our list, we find The Reptarium. Maybe the newest of all Reptile-Zoos in the US. Opened in September 218 by, Brian and Lori Barczyk, The Reptarium, has got a lot of attention.

Hundreds of snakes in naturally built terrariums and lots of possibilities to come really close to the animals have done the place popular.

Brian Barczyks Youtube-channel about snakes and lizards have also leveled the interest for this place.


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